Removal of the R-rating

Starting October 9th, the R-rating will no longer be available on the main Truth or Dare bot. To continue using the R-rating, you will need to invite the Truth or Dare 18+ bot. This was not an easy decision, but due to multiple factors, one we decided to make.

Why remove it?

On October 1st, Discord introduced a new developer policy for bots running on the platform and using its services. The policy in question is outlined below:

Unless your Application is labeled as age-restricted, you will make sure your Application is appropriate for users under the age of eighteen (18)

While speaking with Discord’s policy team, we were told that Truth or Dare’s R-rated questions fall under adult content. Because of this, we would need to label the bot as age-restricted.

Truth or Dare’s core functionality is built for users of all ages, and labeling the bot as age-restricted would limit discoverability and usage for the majority of our users, which are under 18.

We did not want to age-restrict the bot, as it should be accessible to everyone. The option available to us was to split the R-rated functionality to a separate bot.

What changes will be made?

We’re committed to making the Truth or Dare experience before and after the split as similar as possible. The R-bot has all of the features offered in the main bot. All core functionality will remain the same on both bots, the only difference being that R-rated questions will be on the 18+ bot, and all other questions will remain on the main bot.

How do I use the R-bot?

First, invite the new bot to your server.

The R-bot’s commands are as similar to the regular bot. Setup is the same as the main bot, so once you add it you are good to go. All settings are transferred between the bots.

How will premium work?

If you purchased premium for the main bot, you will continue have premium on the R-bot as well.

Any Questions?

Feel free to join our Support Server and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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