Truth or Dare

Premium Docs

Documentation on the premium Truth or Dare features!

About Premium

Truth or Dare premium unlocks some awesome features and helps support the development and management of the bot!
You can purchase premium on our premium page by clicking here.

Need help?

If you ever run into any issues with your purchase, billing, premium features, or really anything, please reach out in our Support Server!

Managing Premium

To get premium perks on a server, you need to activate it with one of your premium slots.

Activate Premium

To get premium on a server, run /premium activate. This will use one of your premium slots to activate a server and give it premium slots.

Deactivate Premium

To deactivate premium and empty a slot, run /premium deactivate in the server, or specify a specific server's ID (this can be found in the list command below)

List Premium Servers

To get a list of all your premium servers, run /premium list. You can use the IDs from this list to deactivate a server you are no longer in.
If you run into any issues with managing your premium, feel free to reach out in our support server!

Custom Questions

Custom questions allow you to add your own questions to the bot in your server! Here's how:

Add a Question

In your server, run /questions add and select a type, rating, and type out your question! We ask that you keep all custom questions following Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
You'll be greeted with a message like the one below stating that you've added your question! It should now appear sometimes when using the bot.
If you want only custom questions to appear, check out disabling global questions.

Remove a Question

To remove a custom question, run /questions remove and specify the question ID. This can either be found in the create message as shown above, or in the list command as you'll see in the next part of this guide.

List Custom Questions

To get a list of all custom questions you added to your server, run /questions list! You'll see something like the image below. With this, you can find the IDs of all your custom questions, and edit or remove them!

Edit a Question

To edit a question that already exists, you'll need the question's ID. You can get this from the list command above. To edit it, run /questions update and fill in the required information.

Server Settings

With Truth or Dare premium, you're able to edit some specific server settings to change the way the bot works in your server!

Toggle Global Questions

To enable or disable global questions (ie. you want to only show custom questions), you can use the /serversettings toggleglobals command! This will prevent or allow the showing of global questions in your server!

Disable a Global Question

Have a global question you don't want showing? Disable it with the /serversettings disablequestion command! To enable one again, use the /serversettigns enablequestion command.

Custom Paranoia Frequency

Want to show paranoia questions 100% of the time? With premium, you can customize the chance of revealing the question! You can use the /serversettings showparanoia command to do this.
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